House Dems introduce Articles of Impeachment against Trump
concern for the country's national security

The Hill, by John Bowden - 11/15/17

Several House Democrats introduced articles of impeachment targeting President Trump on Wednesday, asserting that Trump has violated the Constitution.

Democratic Reps. Steve Cohen (Tenn.), Luis Gutiérrez (Ill.), Al Green (Texas), Adriano Espaillat (N.Y.), Marcia Fudge (Ohio) and John Yarmuth (Ky.) said the five articles of impeachment come out of concern for the country's national security.

"We believe that President Trump has violated the Constitution, and we've introduced five articles of impeachment," Cohen said at a press conference.

The articles target Trump's firing of former FBI Director James Comey, perceived violations of the Emoluments Clause that bars public officials from accepting gifts from foreign governments, as well as actions "undermining" the judiciary and freedom of the press.

Gutiérrez posted a picture of the official articles of impeachment on his Twitter account Wednesday morning.

Republicans slammed the Democrats' move Wednesday as a "baseless radical effort."

“House Democrats lack a positive message and are completely unwilling to work across the aisle, so instead they’ve decided to support a baseless radical effort that the vast majority of Americans disagree with," said Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesman Michael Ahrens.

"Republicans are focused on issues the middle class actually cares about, like cutting taxes and growing the economy,” he added.
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